Buddie Bra-BASIC

Buddie Bra-BASIC

Buddie Bra BASIC


  • Front 2 Pockets for Easy Access
  • Low Impact Support
  • Comfortable, Soft, Durable
  • Smooth Comfort Stitching
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • High Back Design for Comfort and Support

Wear the Buddie Bra BASIC  for your

light workout, as a camisole, or on top of your own bra.

The front of the bra and two pockets are double lined for comfort and...

 to prevent your belongings from coming in contact with your skin.

Specifically designed to hold your most important needs such as your

ID, key, cellphone, money/debit card, inhaler, MP3, insulin pack

Your needs are endless and now your hands are free.

Buddie Bra BASIC is designed for women of all ages

Standard Sizes: S 30-32 A/B, M 33-35 B/C, L 36-38 B/C, XL 39-42 C/D

be Smart, be Empowered, be Prepared

Don't leave home without your Buddie